A home is more than a monthly payment, and that must be affordable.


This Fair Housing Initiative will help you develop a better understanding of eligibility standards to lease a property. Those standards will allow an owner to focus on four (4) fundamentals while a lessee may focus beyond a monthly payment and emotions for an affordable home.

Are you ready to learn how this application embraces agency guidelines and my personal experience. Fundamentals to help you become more successful!

  1. Condition of premises
  2. Credit Score
  3. Income capacity
  4. Savings ability

Owner's realm state specific Lease Agreement, Beneficiary Deed and Quitclaim Deed.

Be Aware Of

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Who Are They?

Property owners should perform a due diligence to assess a risk of default by verifying a prospective lessee's financial profile. The owner could be an individual, business, or trust. A prospective lessee should verify the owner's ownership by searching County Public Recorder of Deeds or Documents Department. You may ask an owner for a property parcel number, but most county records only require owners name or address, or both, to validate owner's ownership.

A licensee may work for either owner or lessee. The owner or lessee may officially authorize a real estate agent, attorney, legal guardian, trustee or personal representative to do something is a licensee. Licensee's authority and responsibillities should be established by reviewing documentation or set up a personal meeting to verbally discuss with licensor, who is the owner or the prospective lessee.

Do not hesitate to ask for valid identification confirming a person's identity because you feel that person may think you do not trust them. Trust can only begin after that confirmation.


A criminal contacts a locksmith, and states I locked myself out or I lost my keys, and the locksmith does not verify if that criminal actually has a legal right to live in or owns the premises. That criminal scammer places a for rent sign and waits for a potential victim, and that scammer pretends to be the owner. That criminal and victim reach an agreement, criminal takes the money and that criminal disappears. Do not become a victim. Verify actual owner by searching public property records and, if any, verify owner's licensee by meeting owner and licensee at the same time, and review valid identification confirming each person's identity

Single or More, You Decide

You should be able to pay your housing expenses without reliance from another person because that other person's income or mental state may not be as stable as you thought. If a lessee moves out before lease termination or loses income or experiences a mental condition, you may experience a financial hardship. If a lessee is unable to pay their share, the other lessee or lessees must pay all housing expenses until lease termination, and not a proportional share. Separately paid or partial payment to an owner is a default.

If more than one lessee, execute a Letter of Understanding between all lessees that provides conditions and provisions for events such as a lessee moves out, loss of income or mental condition. If that lessee does not fulfill their obligations and you decide to sue to recoup funds, that letter and paid receipts will be your evidence.

Beyond What You Think You Need

As a prospective lessee, great job saving your first (1st) month housing payment and damage deposit, but more funds need to be saved for moving expenses and final bills from a previous residence. In addition, save no less than one month of next month total obligations to offset an event of loss of income. Living paycheck to paycheck manifests to higher psychological distress. If this is your first lease transaction, plan for basic living essentials such as furnishings and tools you will need for the kitchen and bathroom, cleaning products and, if any, mandatory utility deposits. You can save money by asking friends and relatives to give you items they no longer need or use, or simply visit yard or garage sales and thrift stores. Some of my personal favorites is dumpster dive after an estate sale or a walk about in a neighborhood on trash night!

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